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Bio-wash is a laundering process which uses enzymes to soften and finish fabric; providing garments with a lustrous, soft & worn-in look and feel. The use of enzymes comes with various benefits both economically and environmentally. Enzyme can be used for garment washing as well as fabric washing.
Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms. Some enzymes can be replicated in the laboratory, or engineered to perform in a specific manner. Enzyme washing is ecologically friendly due to the natural origins of enzymes, which biodegrade, instead of lingering in the water supply. Additionally, Enzyme washing products are much more potent than other laundry products, calling for far less volume in terms of quantity. 
The hydrolytic effect of enzyme causes the loss of extra surface fiber, which improves surface smoothness and softness of the Garments. Cellulose enzymes remove the indigo presents in the surface layer of fiber

Bio-Wash results in :

  • Removal of starch on the garments
  • Feeling of softness in wearing the garments
  • Improved anti pilling properties
  • Smooth surface of the garments
  • Increased luster